Stormseal a Finalist in World’s Top Urban Resiliency Innovations

Stormseal has won the People Choice Award in the East Division of the 2022 QBE AcceliCITY Resilience Challenge, moving it forward to the grand global final in November. The global program by Leading Cities, a global nonprofit driving city resiliency and sustainability, in partnership with QBE Insurance Group, is one of the largest of its […]

Stormseal is a semi-finalist!

Selected from 550 applicants across 70 countries, Stormseal is a proud semi-finalist for the QBE Accelicity Resilience Challenge! The program is promoted by Leading Cities and is a great opportunity to promote community resilience following sever weather events. Winners are selected at the end of September.

Stormseal cuts costs of catastrophe and construction


On 17 November 2019, high wind and hailstones up to 7.7cm in diameter pummelled Queensland’s Sunshine Coast. Two days later, the Insurance Council of Australia declared the storm a catastrophe. The ultimate damage bill was around $115M.  Bob Chilton was contracted by an insurance company to ‘make safe’ damaged properties, but as his crew from Cedar […]

Stormseal Stands Up to Recent Louisiana Storms and Tornadoes


Homes ‘shrink wrapped’ in the FEMA/U.S. Army Corps of Engineers pilot program following Hurricane Ida were undamaged by recent spring storms. Stormseal, The Game-Changing Storm Response Solution That Provides Powerful Protection To Homes And Buildings Until Permanent Repairs Can Be Made, Remained Intact And Undamaged Following Recent Powerful Storms And Tornadoes That Swept Through Louisiana. […]

Social media sent Stormseal to New Zealand, to solve a serious problem

Shane Blakely has worked in construction, roofing and asbestos removal ever since 1984, so he’s seen some… stuff. When he saw Stormseal for the first time – on social media – he thought it looked ‘amazing’. Shane lives in Christchurch, New Zealand (NZ), where he runs Roofpro. He called his friend – an old colleague now […]

Thanks for Stormsealing through 2021

It’s been a challenging year for everyone, but made better by the great work of our accredited Stormsealers who protected and provided peace of mind to hundreds of families and property owners. We want to say a big THANKS to all our installers with a 20% discount on all Stormeal rolls, as we recap some of […]

World first Aussie-U.S. Program to ‘Shrink-Wrap’ Homes After Hurricane

The U.S. Army has called in the Aussies to help residents recover from Hurricane Ida, which devastated the state of Louisiana. More than 100 people were killed and countless homes damaged when 240km/hr winds made landfall near Port Fourchon on the 29th of August. Under Operation Blue Roof, which is administered by the U.S. Army […]

Make-safe made simple: know when to tarp, and when to Stormseal

As an experienced builder, I understand the challenge of making a storm-damaged property safe. The place is a mess, the residents are stressed, and you need to make a quick decision about the best way to protect the remaining structure and contents from further wind, rain or hail. For decades, the standard make-safe practice has […]

Weathering the storm – Master Builder magazine

From a band-aid solution to healing lives, this hi-tech Aussie invention is wrapping up the pain for storm victims Find out how an Aussie builder’s invention is helping give hope to Queenslanders whose lives have been impacted by wild weather. View the story in Master Builder magazine: January – March 2021

Year-long Protection for Graduate House at ANU

“In January, a severe storm cell came through Canberra with hailstones as big as baseballs. About 85% of roofs across our student accommodation at Graduate House were damaged – tiles were smashed, and others had hairline fractures. “The leaking roofs resulted in water damaged rooms on the top floor and some students needed to be […]