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The Systemseal Story

When a severe hailstorm hit Sydney in 2007, the NSW Government appointed a task force to manage repairs and reconstruction, including experienced insurance builder Matthew Lennox.

As always, damaged properties were covered with tarpaulins, which failed repeatedly in rain or wind while owners waited months for repairs. Damage escalated and many properties became uninhabitable ruins. Matt saw ongoing physical and mental suffering, while insurance claims multiplied fourfold.

Matt put his frustration to work and spent the next five years consulting with a leading chemical engineer to develop Stormseal: a strong polyethylene film that heat-shrinks to securely wrap a damaged structure and stays put until permanent repairs are made.

The team realised that there were many applications for a durable, weatherproof wrap for buildings and subsequently expanded the Systemseal product range to include Buildseal Utility Film, Slabseal, and AsbestosSeal with Floodseal currently in production.

“Systemseal products improve everyday safety and productivity in the construction industry and speed recovery from natural disasters,” says Matt. “We take enormous satisfaction from helping builders, property owners, emergency responders and communities around the world.”

Systemseal Founder & President, Matthew Lennox

Stormseal wins the Global Social Impact Award at the 2019 Australian Technologies Competition