Year-long Protection for Graduate House at ANU

In January, a severe storm cell came through Canberra with hailstones as big as baseballs. About 85% of roofs across our student accommodation at Graduate House were damaged – tiles were smashed, and others had hairline fractures.

The leaking roofs resulted in water damaged rooms on the top floor and some students needed to be relocated. We initially threw some tarps up, but they were inadequate, and couldn’t cover the whole roof.

Because it was an older building, the same roof tiles weren’t available anymore, so we knew we needed a long-term solution.

Luckily, we heard about Stormseal through a roofer.

Once Stormseal was engaged it was so quick and easy. It sealed and protected the building – and has done for almost a year now – allowing us time to organise the roof repairs and replacement.

Once Stormseal was on, the students returned to their accommodation, which minimised the disruption to their studies.

The whole mess of trying to get tarps up was painful but working with Stormseal was really smooth. We are very happy with the product – it has saved us time and money – and we would definitely use it again!

Gary McDonald
Contract Manager
Spotless Group